Testimonials “A year from now, don’t wish you had started today...”

Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege to know and work with an exceptional person and dentist, Dr. Mike Racich. His extensive clinical expertise, research knowledge and mentoring skills have proven to be an invaluable experience for me on my journey of professional growth and development.

My staff and I have benefitted tremendously from Dr. Racich‘s hands on coaching sessions in my private practice. Through step-by-step guidance, he has enabled us to learn new clinical skills and expand the scope of our general dental practice to include more advanced and challenging dental procedures. We highly recommend Dr. Racich, as mentor and coach, to committed dental teams striving towards excellence.

Dr Stanley Radomsky and Staff

I invited Dr. Racich to Moncton, in the fall of 2011, because I was stuck at a crossroads in my career as a dentist. After speaking with him, I knew he had the same values as me and that he breaks things down to simplify them. I had been part of a good study club but it was becoming too joint based for me. I couldn’t treat the esthetic and wear cases that presented, because I couldn’t get past the joint. He simplified the joint treatment and illustrated a way to take esthetic cases to a stable temporary state in resin material so you could leave it this way for years and not worry about temporary crowns and veneers coming off. This is all great but he does this with knowledge that is scientifically and common sense based. He does not attack any one approach, but rather takes what he likes best from all of them, stating that:” they all have success but take different paths.”

The most important point for me is that I have taken 2 full mouth cases to the temporary stage at this point and have 2 more waiting. That is 4 more than before I started to work with Dr. Racich. He was just what my career needed at this time to put me over the hump and on my way to practicing the type of dentistry that I have wanted to practice for the last 5 years.

Thanks Mike,
Dr. Gord Reid